24/7 Support & Contractors

Mia Property has a network of reliable suppliers/contractors covering all aspects of owners corporation management.  We continuously look for opportunities to ensure that your owners corporation receives reliable and quality support from contractors as well as cost saving opportunities. 

Stata Insurance Services

Mia Property uses Whitbread Insurance Brokers as its preferred insurance brokers.  You recieve competitive quotes for insurance, which can be an owners corporations' highest cost, as well as having on hand a team of insurance professionals.  We do not align ourselves with a particular insurer, which ensures we are transparent and independent in our advise to you. We have a proven track record of managing insurance claims for our clients and advocating on your behalf to ensure that all valid claims are honored.

24/7 Support

Mia Property Manager provides after hours support in the case of a common property emergency. It important to screen all emergency calls to minimise cost and disruption to the OC.  After hours emergency maintenance support is provided through our affiliation with Tymaline Building Services.

We also have 24/7 emergency response procedures, which we will activate in the event of a major incident. Mia Property Manager will work with the committee to identify hazards relevant to the property and ensure that our emergency response process addresses these hazards.

Essential Safety Measures & Occupational Health & Safety

We take essential safety measures and OHS very seriously and work with the owners corporation to ensure risks are eliminated or reduced.
Fire safety systems are audited, serviced and maintained as per the occupancy permit. We utilise specialist service providers who utilise online reporting systems. Where required we can commission OHS risk assessments.

Maintenance of Site

We consider the maintenance of the site and building assets one of our key responsibilities.  We have a team of reputable caretakers, building managers and all trades.  We will only use contrators and tradespersons that we know and trust.

As well as ensuring that the day to day requirements are taken care of, we will work with the committee/owners corporoation to develop an annual maintenance plan. Part of our core responsibility is implementing the maintenance plan and working with contractors to ensure that the quality of work is of a high standard.  If necessary we can employ the services of an expert to put together or review a long-term maintenance plan (5 – 10 years)