About Us

Mia Property offers a fresh perspective in the management of your owners corporation.

We specialise in owners corporation management services in Melbourne. We provide independent, responsive, and focused service to you, our customer.

Mia Property grew out of what we saw as a growing service gap in the industry, where owners, developers and tenants were dissatisfied with the level of service provided by their current owners corporation managers.  Drawing on years of experience in property and professional services, Mia Property has grown by providing quality services to many satisfied owners. We are transparent and consultative in our management style, so there are no surprises! There is no problem too big or too small.

Mia Property has the resources, expertise and network of quality tradespeople and service professionals to proactively manage your owners corporation, be it a high-rise development, staged development, communities or multiple owners corporation.

We get things done. We are actively involved in the management of your owners corporation and provide prompt and reliable service and advice across all spectrums of owners corporation management.

We proactively manage your owners corporation. Your owners corporation will receive the advice and support that ensures your owners corporation is managed to the highest standard, protecting the investment in your property and the community you live in.

Mia Property….Managers you can trust!