Post Sale Services

Mia Property understands that the post sale process and transition from developer to new owner is a very important one.  It is important to ensure that both parties (developer/initial owner and purchaser) have a positive experience.

Welcoming New Owners

As part of the settlement process Mia Property provides all owners with a welcome pack which explains our service and provides owners with important administrative information on their Owners Corporation.  This has proved to be very successful in providing new owners with information and a reliable point of contact once the property changes hands.  

We have also actively been involved in open days and meet and greet sessions with owners, which all adds up and assists in providing owners with a positive experience.


The first year in a properties life is important.  We will organise and facilitate several meetings during the early stages to ensure that committees are appointed and that owners and developers have the support and assistance to resolve any issues that arise during this period.  These may include administrative matters, managing building defects, setting up communication with the owners corporation and property maintenance.

We are flexible in our approach and understand that each property has different needs.  We will work with new owners to ensure that our services align with their needs.  Our management contracts run from AGM to AGM, this is a testimony to our service as we do not feel it necessary to lock our clients into lengthy contracts.