Developer Services

Mia Property works closely with developers, builders, surveyors, lawyers and all key stakeholders, from planning through to a development's completion, with the objective of ensuring a smooth transition to purchasers.  From beginning to end we will become a trusted part of your team.

We have proven experience in working with a range of property developers.

Examples of advise and support that we provide include:

  • Providing advise on the set up of lot entitlement per the Plan of Subdivision.
  • Setting budgets that make sense for both the developer and future owners. 
  • Ensuring buildings have all common property amenities to facilitate proper maintenance.
  • Advice on finishings and construction materials.
  • Administration and advise on the best set up of utilities, i.e.. 'bulk hot water'.
  • Advice on energy efficiency.
  • Appointing contractors.

We will also work with developers to identify cost saving opportunities and try to minimise the time delay in the settlement process, which as a result, saves developer's costs.

Mia Property will take care of the key set up and administration obligations, including:

  • Setting up the owners corporation.
  • Determining the annual budget/levies.
  • Call and convene the inaugural AGM
  • Providing competitive quotes and taking out insurance.
  • Developing Owners Corporation rules that make sense to your owners corporation.
  • Preparing Owners Corporation certificates for the contract of sale.

Mia Property will take the hassle out of your hands!