Management Services

The independent, personalised service we provide is critical to safeguarding the investment in your property and the community you live in.

We provide services to both developers as the ‘initial owners’ and to the owners corporation for the ongoing management of the property.

Our services to your owners corporation ensure that all owners corporation responsibilities are taken care of and that your owners corporation runs smoothly.  These services inlcude services relating to:

  • secretarial and administration responsibilities
  • financial and debt collection
  • choice of payment via BPAY, Cheque, EFT and credit card.   
  • property maintenance
  • legislative compliance

We work cooperative with our partners in legal, insurance, maintenance, essential services and compliance to ensure that you recieve informed and reliable information.

The core responsibilities above are granted. It is our depth in experience and professionalism that ensures that the matters that make a difference to an owners corporation are truely taken care of. We have proven expertise and strength in the following areas:

  • Grievance management and dispute resolution;
  • Presentation and explanation of the owners corporation’s financial position
  • Establishing a productive relationship with committee members based upon openness and professionalism.
  • Communication with members of the owners corporation.
  • Assisting the owners corporation meet its objectives.
  • Enhancing a properties value.
  • Emergency procedures.