Changing Managers

Changing managers can be a daunting prospect for many owners corporations' who know it is time to change managers but feel that the process is too difficult.  Many owners corporations delay the decision to change managers and put up with bad and inferior should expect more.

Mia Property will help make this decision and transition easy for you and will take care of any contractual and legislative requirements.

We will help you:

Understand your contractual committments.  Management contracts can be onerous and difficult to understand and they are always written to protect the manager not the owners corporation.  Mia Property will review your contract and provide advise on your contractual obligations and things to look out for!  Did you know that if you do not provide your current manager with 28 days notice of your intention to terminate their services prior to the contract expiration date, it will automatically renew for a further term.

Arrange Mintues.  We will assist you in ensuring that the required meeting documents and resolutions are in order to effect a change in management.

Communication with Manager.  We will prepare the relevant documentation to your current manager advising them of the termination of their services and their legal obligations

Communication with Owners.  It is important to keep owners informed, where possible, throughout the process and changing managers.  We will assist with this process.

If you are unsure about your current situation and would like to discuss options please Contact Us.