Why Mia Property?

There is not doubt…The service our team provides is what sets us apart.

Our team has years of experience in professional services. As well as possessing the necessary property and owners corporation management expertise. 

Our professional depth is backed by our Directors experience and accrediations.  Maria Arturi is Chartered Accountant and holds a Masters in Business (MBA) accreditation and has over 15 years in managing large projects and teams.  David Fung has over 20 years experience in occupational health and safety, policy and stakeholder management.   So you have a wealth of knowledge and experience on hand to deal with whatever assistance your owners corporation requires.  

As one of our customers recently said. “They don’t make them like you anymore.”

Our customers can attest to our service ethic and professional approach. Read Testimonials.

Ultimately it is what we deliver that counts. You may expect the basics, but it’s the extra effort we put in that counts and sets us apart.  We will keep going until the problem is resolved. Following are some real examples of what we have achieved for our customers.  

No Problem Too Big or Small (Grant Street Clifton Hill).  We recently took over the management of an owners corporation previously managed by one of Melbourne's largest owners corporation firms.  A serious building maintenance matter was put in the too hard basket by the prior managers for over 3 years.  When we took over management, the owners corporation was riddled with legal action from owners, unresolved building issues, an uninformed owners corporation and unfunded repairs. Within 6 months, Mia Property managed to inform all owners of the state of affairs, settle legal matters via VCAT, arrange for major balcony repairs, work with insurance brokers to claim what the OC was rightfully entitled to.  Most imporantly we were able to achieve the support of more than the majority of owners to fund building works over $350,000.  

Superior Communication & Team Player (MONDO).  Mia Property took over management of a 14 storey development.  The committee of management, who are actively involved in the management of the owners corporation needed a manager who would work with them to deliver the priorities of the owners corporation, communicate on a timely basis and proactively manage the owners corporation and its members.  This was not provided by the prior manager. Mia Property is an integral part of the committee and is actively involved in communicating with the commitee and owners.  The owners corporation has a very clear set of objectives which are being executed.

Perserverance (Best Street).  Mia Property, via its perserverance in ensuring the jobs get done and that all avenues are exhausted succeeding in claiming against the builders warranty and having the entire building at Best Street repaired and re-rendered, an exercise valued at $1.0m.

There are many, many more examples to share.  Contact Us to see how we can assist you.