• I can’t begin to thank you enough for the pro-active approach you have taken with The Commons.

    Since you have come on board it finally feels like each issue that arises is being dealt with in a systematic way.

    Thank you for all of the care and attention you have directed at The Commons, our home.

    Please keep on doing exactly what you are doing.

    Jeremy McLeod

    Director - Breathe Architects

    Founder - Nightingale Housing

  • Reliable Service. Mia Property Manager has proven to be reliable and readily available, providing a friendly, professional service that's supported by a broad range of quality tradesmen and suppliers. Highly recommended.

    C Seymour

    MONDO Apartments

  • Provide Peace of Mind. Mia Property is our owners corporation manager of choice. They are always available to provide advise and assistance throughout the development process. They are pro-actively involved during the planning phase to provide professional advise to us, builders, lawyers, etc in ensuring that the owners corporation is set up in the best way to meet future owners needs.

    They take control of communication with new owners and ensure that the settlement process and transition of the development to owners is a smooth experience for everyone. Their communication and management processes are second to none. They go beyond their call of duty and provide us with absolute piece of mind and confidence that the development/project is in good hands and that things will get done to a high standard.  

    Ray Evans - Developer

    Keystone Developments