• Professional Service & Communication. Since switching to Mia Property, our owner's corporation has received excellent professional service and attention. In particular Mia Property skilfully and promptly resolved all our previous registration, financial and governance problems that were neglected and then abandoned by our previous manager.

    Mia Property's management and communication is impeccable. I am extremely satisfied with Mia Property as our owner's corporation manager and highly recommend its services.

    O Corbett

    Fitzroy North

  • Gets Things Done & Trust. The decision to appoint Mia Property followed extensive research and reference checking of several options.  Mia Property scored higly on all of the criteria on which we based our decision.  The manner in which Mia Property carried out the transition from the prior manager made the transition seamless and stress free.  We have held very successful AGMs under the direction of Mia Property.  Feedback from owners has been very positive with respect to attention to detail, professional knowledge and excellent communication skills.

    We have had a wide range of property-related issues and are very impressed with the prompt response and actioning of items in a timely manner.  Mia Property has demonstrated the ability to listen to the committee and incorporate our culture and community objectives into the property objectives.

    We are very satisfied on all dimensions with our decision to appoint Mia Property.  We have confidence that the property is being manged to the highest of standards and we look forward to a long and successul working relationship with Mia Property.

    L. Barlow

    Merri Creek Mews

  • Gets Things Done. I cannot speak highly enough about Mia property, in the way that big and small problems are attended to and solved as quickly as possible.

    An example is the problem with the pedestrian security gate. This problem was not solved by two prior larger body corporate managers, result, we had no security for years. Since Mia Property took over, thankfully the problem was been solved within a short span of time. All the little things, such as common ground being kept clean, making sure lighting is working, gardens are tidy make living here a pleasure.

    Anon Best Street

    Fitzroy North